A new report by MiQ spells out the latest programmatic trends in order to help marketers build their strategies for 2022.

There are various key themes laid out in the report, including CTV advertising, preparation for the cookieless future, omnichannel activations and measurement and attribution.

In terms of CTV advertising, the report states that whilst 2021 was the year of this, it is highly unlikely that this focus will change in 2022, with almost 80% of advertisers looking to boost their investments in the channel compared to their spend in 2021. 

The report also discusses the cookieless future, stating: “There is unlikely to be a silver bullet for advertisers so looking at alternatives is the best bet. We know that measurement, reach and performance will dominate a lot of conversations. Small and midsize businesses are also likely to search for a reliable partner to help them collect and make sense of their first party data for digital activations.”

Omnichannel activation is on everybody’s lips and it is seemingly emerging as a big focus for marketers in 2022. According to the report, one in two marketers globally see incremental reach and campaign optimisations as the biggest opportunities and barriers to omnichannel advertising.

MiQ data found that six in ten marketers struggle when it comes to connecting traditional advertising KPIs to relevant business outcomes globally. They reported seeing UK marketers looking to figure out the reach of their digital ad campaigns using incremental measurement and 47% of Canadian marketers are looking to invest in the attention economy. The report states that no matter what path marketers take, supply path optimisation and cost transparency will remain big constraints influencing spends and advertiser confidence.

To find out more about the future of programmatic advertising, you can find the full report here.