From hashtags like #AsSeenOnTikTok to #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, TikTok has fast become a destination for people discovering the biggest trending beauty and tech products.

In an exciting event proving the rise of social commerce, the platform will be hosting a shopping experience for its community.

In the UK only, on each day from Thursday 25 until Tuesday 30 November, there will be a number of LIVE shopping events on TikTok for the community to take part in.

Some of the biggest creators and brands present on the platform will be featured on various shopping LIVEs. Cult-classic beauty retailers and brands such as LOOKFANTASTIC, Charlotte Tilbury, Elemis, M.A.C. and L’Oréal will be taking part in the event, and you’ll also have the chance to bag the latest tech products like the iPhone 13, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Expect discounts of up to 50% off exclusively on TikTok.

The future of social commerce

As a whole, TikTok’s new shoppable feature will have a great impact on social commerce. Krishna Subramanian, CEO and Co-Founder at Captiv8 says: “Social commerce is disrupting the retail experience in a way that will completely alter the future of the industry, and TikTok’s recent product roll outs for TikTok Shopping are only the beginning of how platforms will continue to evolve their capabilities to allow for seamless e-commerce.”

He continues to say that the introduction of TikTok shopping is a huge win for brands, adding: “Thanks to updates to TikTok Shopping solutions, brands are able to take advantage of organic trends in new ways that have a measurable impact on sales. With TikTok expanding on its success with product updates that have direct benefits to eCommerce initiatives, it will have an incredible impact on overall business objectives for brands, but also allow for consumers to more conveniently shop their favorite influencers’ recommendations.”