Marks & Spencer wanted to run an influencer campaign to drive awareness for, and promote their Autumn/Winter range, and wanted to efficiently maximise the campaign reach to make up for the fact that they weren’t running a TV ad for this campaign.

Reporting can be limited for organic social campaigns due to platform restrictions, and Incubeta needed to demonstrate the resounding performance benefits of the influencer campaign. 

Therefore, Incubeta was tasked with running a successful influencer campaign to promote M&S’s AW20 collections and to demonstrate the performance benefits of an influencer campaign previously considered purely as a branding initiative.

The strategy

Incubeta developed an approach that would allow the success of the campaigns to be measured by integrating social amplification. Trackers were applied to available click through links on influencer content and paid campaigns, so that the team could track post-click sales. 

They then integrated their proprietary amplification solution into the core strands of the campaign, with targeting groups based on menswear, womenswear and family segments. 

Contextual targeting was applied to select a relevant post for each placement. An incrementality test was run across the duration of the amplification campaign to enable them to report on soley the number of sales that would not otherwise have occurred. Using the data from the click trackers and from the amplification campaign, they modelled the predicted sales impact of the in-platform campaigns beyond those directly driven by clicks.

The results

The approach allowed Incubeta to credibly measure the success of their campaigns by integrating social amplification. Social amplification is founded on technology they built, which allows them to take organic content directly from platforms and serve across the web, with in-built dynamic targeting to match posts with on-page content.

Overall, Incubeta delivered a profitable incremental ROI, representing great results from a branding led campaign. Additionally, the tracked conversion data indicated that content that performed well organically in terms of engagement was not always the content that drove the most revenue, allowing this to be factored into planning for future campaigns.

See the full case study on the Incubeta site to see how they delivered a 5x increase in reach.

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