Publisher Discovery, an AI-driven SAAS platform that helps advertisers find and connect with quality online publishers, announced today a new partnership with Everflow. Moving forward, Everflow Plus customers will receive complimentary access to the Publisher Discovery platform.

Everflow is a smarter Partner Marketing Platform that empowers marketers to track, manage, and analyse all performance channels — including affiliate, influencer, in-app, referral, and media buying.

Through deep reporting, time-saving automations, and instant integrations, Everflow is designed to help marketers scale faster and amplify results.

According to Chris Tradgett, CMO of Publisher Discovery, Everflow’s ability to seamlessly incorporate third-party solutions into their platform was a key reason for the partnership.

“We feel that Publisher Discovery will fit in nicely with Everflow’s third-party solutions, as our platform provides a powerful solution for accelerating performance partnerships,” states Tradgett.

How will this help customers?

The new Publisher Discovery integration gives customers who choose the Everflow Plus plan the ability to discover new affiliate partners for scaling their affiliate activities. Everflow Plus features Everflow’s highest level of service, which includes ongoing team training, programme setup support, integrated global payment processing, and other premium perks.

With just a few steps, Everflow Plus customers will now be able to use Publisher Discovery to analyse competitor affiliate programmes, find new affiliates in more than eighty verticals, and connect to affiliates via verified contact information.

This process is made possible by AI-driven tools, which filter data down to the most relevant and valuable potential partners.

Michael Cole, Vice President of Marketing at Everflow, said about the partnership “Your best affiliate opportunities already have proven success with promoting products in your vertical. Publisher Discovery makes it easy to find these extremely relevant affiliate opportunities that you should be recruiting – helping you know who to invite to grow your programme faster.”

To get started with Everflow Plus and Publisher Discovery, sign up for a quick demo today with the Everflow team.

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