It seems many marketers aren’t using the right methods and techniques to engage audiences and consumers. It may seem as if this is something marketers would be able to do easily, but with the changing attitudes of consumers, it can become difficult to keep track of the latest tricks and trends to keep them engaged with your brand…

Consumers are also becoming less trusting, and the way they want to consume information is changing too. Brands need to be more creative than ever, both in terms of how they reach customers and the content they reach them with.

If brands want to reach outside the walled gardens of their usual customers, extra efforts need to be made.

In a recent webinar, Outbrain provided a case study with Elvie, the femtech brand, showing the award-winning campaign which meant Elvie optimised its campaigns and tapped into an audience of over a billion potential customers, generating sales on a set CPA with a keen eye on ROI.

Outbrain ran watchers through exactly how you target incremental audiences on all the platforms potential customers frequent whilst simultaneously gaining new customers.

The webinar is now available for free download – it will provide you with real-world examples and insights into how to go about implementing successful methods and campaigns for your brand.