Camilla Craven is currently Brand Communications Director at bespoke ethically-sourced fine jewellery brand, Vashi.  In her role, Camilla oversees all brand marketing, comms, advocacy (including influencer marketing) and social. 

Camilla studied at the University of Virginia, receiving a bachelors’ degree in History, before going on to receive a diploma from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

Prior to Vashi, Camilla has worked in marketing for 11 years, with roles including Global Director of Advocacy at Charlotte Tilbury, Head of PR & Events at Benefit Cosmetics (LVMH) and Associate Director at Halpern (part of The&Partnership, part of WPP).

Now here’s Camilla to talk about her history and the trends she is noticing within the industry:

What’s your role and what does it consist of?

I am Brand Communications Director at fine jewellery brand Vashi. In my role, I oversee brand marketing, communications, advocacy (including influencer marketing) and social. My focus is building brand advocacy and brand awareness, to help Vashi become the number one jewellery brand worldwide. 

Who or what inspired you to get into marketing?

It all started with my mother, who worked in PR and inspired me to get into the industry. After a summer placement at Halpern, under the mentorship of the incredible Jenny Halpern Prince, I knew this would be my home for many years! 

On the brand side, what do you think is most interesting in the agency and SaaS arena? 

When I started my career, agencies relied on years of heritage and case study work for their reputation; it was therefore hard to break into the industry with a new proposition.  Now it’s often the newcomers of whom I’ve not heard much who impress me most in their thinking, business solutions and proprietary tech. I always take time to look into every cold call or email I get for that reason.

What’s impressed you so far this year?

I have been blown away so many times this year. Firstly, by the entries in the Performance Marketing and Influencer Marketing Awards that I had the pleasure of judging. The talent in our industry is second to none. Next, by how marketers have pivoted in our post Covid-19 world – there was no rule book on how to navigate the challenges! The success stories are great – and there have definitely been some silver linings to the pandemic in making marketing more progressive in some areas. 

What are you most excited about right now?

The most exciting daily evolution is how we can attribute and measure ROI for influencer marketing – and it’s improving daily!  I can’t believe how far it’s come and it’s one of the most empowering developments for our industry.

What’s your top tip for those in our industry? 

I’ve been lucky to have worked with and for many incredible female founders who have passed down their invaluable tips and advice. The one that’s stuck with me the most and is what I tell my teams too, was Charlotte Tilbury teaching us to “dare to dream it, dare to believe it, dare to do it!” Half of the challenge is believing you can! 

What one thing would you change about the industry?

I’d love the industry to continue to fight the cause for flexible working, particularly to enable women to balance the pressures of their career and motherhood. Too often I see women having to choose or make sacrifices. 

What other areas of the industry would you be interested in being involved in in the future?

What I love most about our industry is how quickly the landscape is changing and new media is emerging. Marketing is unrecognisable versus the industry I started in.  I’m excited to see what’s round the corner. Growing up, I was taught that every day is a school day, and I can’t wait to learn the next big thing.

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