“80% of customer questions are wasted sales opportunities…” Emma Smith told me. She was very keen to emphasise exactly how many sales fail to be converted due to inadequate technology. When first approaching the subject of chatbot technology and artificial intelligence, it can seem complex and confusing. But, as we learned from Emma in the podcast, it really is a lot easier than one might think.

Why is this technology necessary?

The huge amount of effort that brands go to to attract people to their sites is simply not worth it if these customers are being lost when they arrive. How many times have you been on a website, struggled with something and asked a question, and been faced by technology that, quite simply, is rubbish? There is nothing more frustrating than trying to have a conversation with a basic chatbot which just doesn’t understand what you’re saying, and sometimes the most attractive option in that situation is to just close the tab.

That’s why proper chatbot technology is so important. Why waste all that time and effort attracting people to your site if you’re going to lose them because of that?

So why don’t more people use it?

If you think about complex and intelligent chatbot tech, you may assume that the implementation is a difficult thing. Emma made it very clear that this really isn’t the case – it can be as simple as dropping a code into your site HTML. The software can be so intelligent that it learns completely by itself, so once the code is in there, you can leave it to do its thing.

Right from implementation, it can save you valuable time and resources. Tune into the full podcast to hear Emma talk about all the benefits.

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