Each year, $1.4B is lost to affiliate marketing fraud – ad spend initially allocated to expand reach and acquire new customers that is instead cannibalised by nefarious affiliates. Implementing paid search monitoring into your affiliate marketing strategy is a must-do to ensure that your brand and ad spend are protected against fraudulent activity.

Whether you’re currently monitoring affiliate search activity, unaware of the risks associated with overlooking compliance or haven’t yet implemented a search monitoring strategy, this session is for you. Reserve your spot to hear Maura Newell, Senior Product Manager at BrandVerity, provide a comprehensive breakdown of:

  • The total impact of fraud on the affiliate channel
  • Types of violations and associated risks
  • Common indicators for quickly identifying and remediating fraudulent activity
  • Actionable takeaways that enable you to maximize your protection against suspect affiliates

Maura said: “Brand safety is relevant to all marketers whether or not you’re actively monitoring for nefarious activity. This session is a must-watch for anyone in the affiliate marketing space, regardless of where you fall on the compliance learning curve, to stay in-the-know when it comes to protecting your brand integrity and marketing dollars.”

The webinar will take place on 28 July at 3:30pm BST. Don’t forget to register to attend and you will receive an invite in your inbox.