With customers becoming less and less trusting, it is more essential than ever that D2C brands ensure they target them in the correct, effective way. Paying real attention to what customers are interested in is the way forward, and it is possible to reach the usual customers, but to also scale and attract outside of the walled gardens.

Lower your customer acquisition costs today – learn how

It has also become a lot more attractive to DTC brands to turn to native in order to lower their customer acquisition costs.

In its upcoming webinar, Outbrain, the hugely scalable network of one billion consumers, which is accessible through a singular platform on the open web, will present a case study providing attendees with information about how they can increase their success in this way.

With formats that mirror the performance of social, Outbrain will run through exactly how you target incremental audiences on all the platforms potential customers frequent whilst simultaneously gaining new customers.

The engagement-focused platform has been built to deliver sales and conversions at target return on advertising spend (ROAS) and cost-per-action (CPA).

Discover how Elvie, the direct-to-consumer femtech brand, tapped into an audience of over a billion potential customers and generated sales on a set CPA with a keen eye on ROI. It will present its award-winning success story with Outbrain and share how exactly it brought attention to its female-forward products that are relevant, important and helpful for billions of women worldwide.

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You will hear from some incredible women about their successes in the industry:

Faye Liddle-Moore, Commercial Director Northern Europe, Outbrain

As Commercial Director, Faye is responsible for all of Outbrain’s advertiser business in Northern Europe. Since joining the team in 2015, Faye has been instrumental in growing the market. With 10+ years of industry experience, Faye is an effective leader who provides a strategic vision for her team while delivering concrete business results.

Florencia Rodriguez, Digital Marketing Manager, Elvie

Flo is the Digital Marketing Manager for the UK & EU markets responsible for Elvie’s Digital Strategy & D2C sales. Joining Elvie in 2019, she has led the launch in nine markets across Europe in 2020. With over eight years of experience, Flo’s background includes both agency and client side in the fashion and tech industries.

Lucia Cisneros, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Elvie

As Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Lucia is responsible for Elvie’s Digital Strategy in the US market. Since joining Elvie in 2018, Lucia has been a key player in the growth of Elvie and in particular their D2C channel (previously Global and China roles). Her background lies in the Tech, Entertainment and Fashion industries in both large corporate and start-ups environments (ex-ASOS and Disney).

Kelly Hayes, Account Director, Outbrain

As Account Director, Kelly is head of account management for all Brand, Agency and Publisher accounts within Northern Europe. When joining Outbrain in 2015, Kelly was part of the US account management team, working across retail, tech and finance verticals. Upon joining Outbrain Northern Europe in 2018, Kelly took the lead of the Brands and Agencies account management team. With seven+ years of industry experience, Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic guidance within the D2C brand space to her team and their clients.

The session will take place from 3-4pm GMT on 21 July – you don’t want to miss out on hearing from these speakers – you’ll walk away with insights on how you can replicate this for your DTC brand and start generating customer leads within 48 hours!

If you’re not able to make the webinar, we’d urge you to register and we’ll send you the recording to view at a time that suits you.