Publisher Discovery’s new extension alerts instantly when you visit a website which is using affiliate links, directly in the Chrome app toolbar. Every time you land on an affiliate website, you’ll see how many programmes they are promoting before looking any further. 

The Publisher Discovery database currently analyses billions of links, from over 3.5 million affiliate websites to almost 600,000 advertiser websites. This covers around 80 vertical market sectors in most areas of the globe that are linking via 300+ affiliate tracking networks and technologies. These numbers are rising all the time as the company adds further tracking sources to the platform.

As part of its work to make finding and recruiting that much simpler, this browser extension gives affiliate managers a valuable shortcut. It takes a lot of the hard work away from what is usually acknowledged as one of the most time-consuming tasks in affiliate management, even with just the free extension installed.

Publisher Discovery users with a subscription can then see all the extra details from the main platform in the slide out panel.

Users can also hit the star and save to their account or contact directly using the social and email contacts provided.

Users have already given some amazing feedback on the initial launch. Stephon Anthony, Affiliate Manager at Master of Malt said:It’s definitely a time-saver when browsing on various affiliate sites to see their contact details for ease of access- saves me time logging in and checking“.

Nadeem Azam, CEO and Founder of Azam Marketing added:Publisher Discovery’s browser extension is an invaluable tool. Azam Marketing’s Affiliate Managers use this brilliant extension on a daily basis to save huge amounts of time in recruiting affiliates!

The Chrome extension is available as a free download and more information is available on the Publisher Discovery website along with the link to the store to start straight away. The fuller details and insights are also available free, with a seven-day trial to test it out properly.

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