In this session, Partnerize SVP of Sales for EMEA, Sean Sewell, pulled upon his own experiences working with enterprise brands, benchmark data from Partnerize and research and insights from industry sources to discuss how you can sell the concept of partnership as a profit centre and the benefits of in-housing to all of your senior stakeholders. 

You’ll learn:   

  • How historic inertia of marketer concern has prohibited the channel from earning its rightful seat as a primary sales and marketing channel.   
  • How to pivot to place margin at the centre of your partnership strategy and decrease your customer acquisition costs to better align with finance and overall business goals post-pandemic.   
  • Evidence to support the business case to the c-suite that technology, automation and eventually in-housing, reduces resource cost and helps support the great scalability of partnership.

If you found Partnerize’s keynote engaging and insightful, make sure you check out the roundup of each day’s sessions.

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