Webgains is the high-performance affiliate marketing network combining cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise that ensures brands operate at the top of their game. Having supported thousands of high-growth businesses over the years, Webgains acknowledges the challenges brands face as they scale at pace.

Webgains Edge offers the access and flexibility of a self-managed programme, without compromising on the Webgains ethos of exceptional customer experience that delivers excellent ROI.

Jessi Frey, Head of Client Support says: “Many of the SMEs that join the Webgains network are new to affiliate marketing. They need support and training to make the most of their programme, especially during those initial first months. That’s why we have designed our Webgains Edge service level around three key pillars: user experience, support and training.

“Our platform uses machine learning to make tailored publisher recommendations that connects brands with quality publishers. Our highly skilled support team provides a fantastic service, and our Webgains Academy offers a range of training tools and top tips.”

The sales of our clients in the Edge portfolio have grown 75% in the past year and we are continuing to invest in our technology platform and talented team to support the ecommerce market as it goes from strength to strength.

Richard Dennys, Webgains CEO says: “We are delighted with the success of this approach, and the amazing results of our clients; on average a Webgains Edge client generates over £35,000 in sales during the first six months of their programme.”

Since 2005 Webgains has been one of the leading European Affiliate Marketing Networks. Today, over 1,850 customer programmes profit from the services of Webgains to deliver online sales worldwide. By investing in talent and technology, multi-award winning Webgains has created the optimum blend of human and artificial intelligence. In 2020, Webgains launched the AI-powered Affiliate Discovery product to make smarter connections for advertisers and affiliates alike.

With partnerships of over 250,000 vetted and approved by publishers, customers not only benefit from an extensive network; but also a high-performance approach and a highly motivated team with a work ethic to never stop learning.

The Webgains Academy sits at the heart of the business model to support professional development, leading by example and raising standards for the industry. Every endeavour is made to transform Webgains’ customers into market leaders and maximise their sales and ROI. Webgains gives you the edge.

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