For this edition, Niamh Butler-Walton chats to Glosinda Goes, Global Partnerships and Affiliates Manager at Crabtree and Evelyn.

Glosinda Goes has been in the affiliate industry for over eight years and has worked for brands like Charlotte Tilbury and House of Fraser. She’s currently responsible for the implementation of affiliate and partnership activity at Crabtree and Evelyn, who relaunched as an online-only retailer in July 2019. Glosinda has worked closely with numerous publishers over the years and has good relations with various networks. Nominated as a PerformanceIN Top 50 Industry player in 2020, Glosinda continues to excel in her field.

Here’s the inside scoop on Glosinda’s personal influences, what drove her to the performance industry and some exciting behind the scenes information…

What’s your role and what does it consist of?

I work as the Global Partnerships and Affiliates Manager at Crabtree and Evelyn. I would like to think I am the go-to person for everything affiliates, and I manage the programme globally. My responsibilities entail strategising and growing the affiliate programme in all markets by continuously recruiting new publishers and optimising existing publisher relationships.

Partnerships do also fall under my umbrella and we get to partner with some amazing brands, publications, and podcasts to help drive brand awareness and revenue for Crabtree and Evelyn in all markets.

What do you enjoy most about the performance marketing industry?

Every day is a different day, and the performance marketing industry is always changing; there is always something new to learn in the industry. Our roles keep changing depending on what crops up in the industry. We never stop learning and I think that is the best part of this job.

Who is your performance marketing hero and why?

Without a doubt, Sophia Evgeniou is my performance marketing hero. She was my senior at House of Fraser, and I also had the opportunity to work with her during my time in Charlotte Tilbury. She has always been a great mentor and has vast experience in all the channels of performance marketing, from remarketing, paid social, CRM to affiliates.

She was shouting about attribution before it was even trending in the industry and is now handling all the offline and online marketing channels for Open for Vintage where she has grown the brand from its embryo stage to where it is now. Whatever brand she works for she helps grow and find its potential.

Who in your team deserves more recognition that they get? (The unsung hero)

I am unable to choose one unsung hero from the team as I think there are quite a few members in the team that are integral in helping the brand grow. Every member of the team brings something different and unique and this is what makes us stronger and the reason why we work well together.

Every year the number of technology affiliates that enter the affiliate industry has grown. These amazing publishers help advertisers use the affiliate space to do everything from optimise the website by serving customers with AI bundles and cross selling to conversion overlays all via the affiliate program on a cost-effective basis. The affiliate industry has started to cater to every aspect of the business, and this helps make a marketer’s life easy.

How has the role of affiliate networks changed over the last 12 months?

Since the industry has seen more and more SaaS platforms enter the market, the more traditional networks have started to work on being innovative and proactive to compete with the SaaS platforms. Networks have started to build tools on their platforms to help cater to advertisers needs, who are not only searching for the traditional advertiser-publisher relationships but also brand to brand partnerships. It is very important for networks to adapt to the advertiser needs and offer them personalisation depending on their goals and be able to offer niche reporting.

What one thing would you change about the industry?

I think advertisers need to work and support each other to help advise the brands that are entering the market and need some council and guidance on how to build a successful affiliate programme.

What’s your top tip for publishers?

Be flexible and offer more hybrid models for new advertisers to test new placements.

What other areas of the industry can you see yourself working in in the future, perhaps?

In the future, I see myself working more with paid social channels as that is one channel that will never stop growing and there will always be something new to engage our customers with our brand.

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