The key to a stable programme is a solid foundation. As the old adage states, quality over quantity, and we should apply this when thinking about our strategies. Taking the separation we experienced throughout 2020 into consideration, it is more important than ever to prioritise having a good spread of partners across different regions and to ensure that we nurture these relationships.

With the world increasingly shifting to the online space, it’s become apparent that for eCommerce, the borders we once relied on no longer exist. Having a global affiliate programme is now integral, but how can brands go about implementing this?

Problems can be caused when there is a lack of partners spread across different regions, which is something that Swarovski experienced first-hand when it noticed slow growth across the APAC region, due to a lack of partners in this area. The team decided to work with Acceleration Partners to help improve performance across this region. After focusing on localising their strategy, which in turn increased market share and revenue, the team were able to increase their performance. This programme did, in fact, win them the best managed affiliate programme (APAC) award at the International Performance Marketing Awards 2020.

Having a single marketing strategy that is implemented across all regions will not work as well as creating localised strategies. Assuming that all countries/cultures/markets have the same characteristics would be silly. Each of these regions is different, meaning it really is of utmost importance that this is considered.

Making the most of local holidays and events is a key part of making sure a marketing strategy is successful. Grupo Xcaret took this into consideration when developing a programme surrounding Buen Fin, a national Mexican campaign which lasts across three days of sales

and discounts in various stores and services, both online and offline. The team developed joint strategies to improve reach, sales and conversion rate. Their focus on a local event and the effects this would have on their performance meant they were able to harness the correct opportunity to run their programme.

Another impressive effort to tackle the effects of 2020 was a programme by All Inclusive Marketing for Extended Stay America. In a year that turned the travel industry upside down, this programme weathered the COVID-19 storm. By considering changing consumer needs and market trends, staying flexible and having open conversations with partners, this US-based hotel chain was able to sustain 85% of last year’s revenue. The efforts won them the Best Travel, Leisure & Lifestyle Campaign award at the IPMAs 2021 – proving that even during a global pandemic, a solid strategy can deliver great results.

Staying fluid and innovative is what can ensure success even in difficult times, and having a good team of people who are aware of a clear strategy will really work in your favour.

The International Performance Marketing Awards 2021 are taking place on October 18 2021. If you and your team would like to be in with the chance of being awarded for your efforts over the past year, don’t forget to download our 2021 Entry Kit for more insights and tips.