Look After My Bills, an auto-switching service dedicated to making energy bills cheaper and better for consumers, wanted to diversify its media mix beyond social media and search advertising, while increasing memberships at a low Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA). 

Working with Taboola, a leader in powering recommendations for the open web, Look After My Bills was able to gain 10,000 new memberships in just nine months, and reduce CPA for its ads by up to 60% by working with Taboola’s account management team to optimise its creatives and target engaged audiences. 


Since securing the biggest deal in the history of BBC’s Dragons’ Den in 2018, Look After My Bills has been looking to drive membership growth among UK consumers who are missing out on savings on their utility bills. The company heavily relies on Facebook advertising to drive memberships, but looking to diversify their media mix, reach new audiences, and lower their CPA, they turned to Taboola. 

The Execution

Taboola powers recommendations for the open web, helping people discover things they may like. Taboola’s recommendation engine is hard-corded into many top publisher sites in the UK and worldwide, including The Independent, MailOnline and The Mirror. In the UK alone, Taboola reaches over 21 million daily active users, making it the ideal platform for Look After My Bills to reach a wide audience on premium open web publishers.

Working with Taboola, Look After My Bills used sponsored content to reach potential consumers, which provided them the opportunity to tell their story and convince people to convert. 

Look After My Bills also ran retargeting campaigns with Taboola to drive traffic directly to its website’s homepage. This campaign captured those who had responded to their ad campaigns but hadn’t yet converted using Taboola’s Attentive Audiences. Attentive Audiences are groups of people that have spent a significant amount of time on a company’s website, but haven’t yet converted. Behaviours such as number of recurring visits, time spent on site, scroll depth and number of pages visited within a session are measured by Taboola’s algorithm, and used to define an Attentive Audience specific to an advertiser’s campaign. 

In addition, Look After My Bills worked closely with Taboola’s account management team to optimise its campaign creatives. For example, Look After My Bills tested adding a Call to Action (CTA) button alongside their creatives, with the goal of capturing user attention and driving consumers towards signing up. 

Results including metrics and insights:

● In nine months of working with Taboola, Look After My Bills drove 10,000 new memberships through the platform

● Addition of a CTA button to ad creatives lowered CPA by 22%

● Use of Taboola’s Attentive Audiences led to a 60% decrease in CPA

Reflecting on the campaign, Sam Frost, Marketing Strategy Director at Look After My Bills, said, “Looking to diversify our media mix, we turned to Taboola to help us reach relevant consumers on premium publisher sites in the UK. Taboola worked closely with us to lower our CPA in several different ways, and are now a fundamental part of how we look to attract new customers.”

After achieving success with performance campaigns, Look After My Bills has expanded its partnership with Taboola to test top-of-funnel video campaigns, using Taboola to test creatives’ performance before distributing them in large-scale TV ad campaigns.

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