According to research, video remains one of the key priorities for marketers, with usage and spend expected to increase continuously throughout 2021. We probably could have guessed that; everybody being forced to stay at home for a year or so has meant the amount of video content we consume has increased.

But how can you use YouTube within your affiliate marketing strategy? Partnering with creators who can produce content surrounding your products and services enables you to advertise said  products through an affiliate who is most likely trusted and looked up to by their following. Tracking links are placed in the description boxes/on the screen of the videos, and voila, that’s YouTube affiliate marketing.

It may not be as simple as it seems

So, the key aim is to get as many eyes on your video content as possible. As hard as creators may try, it seems that emotive and ‘fun’ content takes over more serious and logical videos on the channel. This means sourcing the right creators for your product is essential, but this can be taxing. If the task of creating the video content is being passed from your company to a ‘YouTuber’, that means the creator must be able to produce professional content which is going to sell your product.

The number of subscribers a creator has is important; you want a well established YouTuber, as somebody without a large enough reach will mean the spend could be at risk of not paying off. Or, you could decide to approach a creator with a smaller but more highly engaged following. Whatever you  do, they should also be well established within your particular market.

The actual content itself is even more important, perhaps. Unique, engaging content will do you well. You don’t want the affiliate to be producing content that seems purely ‘sales-y’, without any genuine enthusiasm or interest. This will make both the creator and your brand seem superficial.

When your affiliate is chosen and your content is ready to go, it is also important to properly prepare your videos to be searched for. A keen focus on SEO elements and high-volume keywords is essential. Focusing on view numbers in Google Analytics can help you better understand exactly how to tailor your future content.

Is it worth it?

What can seem a quick and easy tactic can fail if not properly executed. It should be approached in the same way you approach any other long-term marketing efforts. Simon Green discussed exactly how to maximise your brands performance through YouTube in this article.

However, what may seem daunting can actually pay off incredibly, and even if you’re a smaller business, thinking about using YouTube is definitely worth it. The choice of affiliate and content can be highly time-consuming, but it is worth it for sure. After all, YouYube has one of the most engaged and active audiences of all platforms, so it would be a huge miss if you weren’t to include it in your strategy.