Women’s History Month takes place every March in the UK, and we celebrate that to remind ourselves of the accomplishments of women over the years that have led the way for change. 

It’s important that we acknowledge all of the women who work in the industry, whether it be on the C-Suite, developing technology or working behind the scenes to ensure partnerships succeed and business is successful.

Our industry is thriving, and if it weren’t for the incredible teams these women make up, it wouldn’t be the success it is.

We asked PerformanceIN readers to submit the names of some of the women they find inspiring in their day to day lives. So, without further ado, here are just a few of the women who have recently inspired us as trailblazers in their careers:

Sarah Beeskow-Blay, VP of Silverbean North America

Sarah was recently appointed to the position of vice president of Silverbean in North America. With extensive experience in affiliate, she has worked her way through various esteemed positions within the field, helping develop businesses and forming her reputation as a industry veteran.

Chikay Lo, Head of Global Growth and Marketing Partnerships at Cult Beauty

In her role as global markets growth and partnerships lead at Cult Beauty, Chikay pushes the boundaries of performance marketing through innovative and diverse strategies. She is outspoken about what is right, and works to ensure inclusivity in influencer partnerships is always achieved.

Maira Genovese, Founder and CMO, MG Empower

Maira started her business from scratch with a clear purpose of empowering people, which can be seen in every aspect of the agency. She puts her heart in everything she does and this is one of the reasons why she managed to successfully grow MG Empower, even during a difficult year like 2020.

Courtney Pearson, Consultant, Blazer Peartree

Courtney has one goal: supporting more equitable outcomes. She has over 15 years of experience, having worked at Google and Ovative. Courtney recently began freelance consulting, applying her experience across all cycles of growth and verticals including luxury, omni, ecomm, retail, finance, telecom, travel and more.

Nirmala Gupta, Head of Performance, NMPi

Nirmala leads the performance team at NMPi. Taking over the full team during lockdown meant she not only had to tackle the challenges of working from home, market uncertainty and lost revenue, but had to do so while getting to grips with a whole array of new channels. As a result of her leadership, 2020 revenue grew by 18% year on year.

Louise James, Global Affiliate Director, Silverbean

Louise has worked for Silverbean for almost 18 years, helping to build it from the ground up, and changing with the times in terms of how the company works with affiliate marketing. She ensures a happy, well supported team, which in turn supports Silverbean’s low staff turnover and excellent work output.

Lauren Green, Affiliate Marketing Executive, Misspap

In her role at Misspap, Lauren gives her all when it comes to getting the best results from affiliate marketing. She’s always ready to try new things, adapt her approach, and most importantly – she’s always ready to listen and collaborate.

Olivia Mervyn-Smith, Communications and Research Officer, Housing for Women

Olivia is a creative and dynamic communications and content specialist, with solid professional experience across the corporate and non-profit sectors, creating content for diverse audiences. She has helped numerous organisations with her digital knowledge and strategic mastery. 

Gemma Clarke, Digital and Social Content Manager, Fifty Digital

Gemma inspires others with her inquisitivity and boundless enthusiasm. Having begun her career in television production, she focuses her time on the creative industries within culture, lifestyle and social causes, creating innovative content for a plethora of brands.

Tiffany Stubbs, Client Success Manager, Infinity Nation

Known for being an amazing mentor, Tiffany is skilled in data analysis, stakeholder management, channel planning and leading a team. She is particularly passionate about online businesses and digital marketing and currently working to build my knowledge and experience with challenger e-commerce brands.

We’d like to thank everybody who nominated someone – it’s amazing to see recognition of these amazing women. Of course, we would also like to thank everybody who is included in the list – the work done by these women inspires people everyday. We may not be able to include everybody that deserves it in this list, but you all know who you are.