2020 was an unprecedented year. The pandemic triggered a catalyst of events which has unsurprisingly resulted in a surge in the e-commerce market. According to IBM’s Retail Index, the pandemic has accelerated the shift away from physical stores to digital shopping by roughly five years.

For those brands late to adopt an e-commerce strategy, 2020 was the year of adapt or die and unfortunately for some, the latter was the regrettable outcome. For others, it bought them time. Time to regain loss. Time to build their infrastructure. Or time to optimise. But regardless of what they took away from this shift, for many it saw them join the rickety uncertainty of the discounting rollercoaster.

What are Partnerize and Silverbean’s thoughts?

Recently, PerformanceIN hosted a webinar featuring Partnerize and Silverbean, which sought to examine the trends in discounting which were driven by the events of 2020.

In this eBook, you will learn the key points raised in this webinar around the highs and lows of 2020 that indicate how this discounting mindset arose and continues to be an issue facing many. With Browns Fashion and MandM Direct sharing their own take on this phenomenon, this eBook serves as a guide to discover how successful brands are addressing this with their partnership strategy.

The eBook also delves into the changes in consumer behaviour that may have propelled discounting and shares benchmark data around emerging partner preferences and trends to mitigate this. Finally, pulling all these contributions together, you will benefit from some top tips to help you create a more holistic partner program with discounting as a part of, not at the core of your strategy. 

Samantha Purcell, Senior Marketing Manager, Partnerize said: “This eBook gives a great insight into the experiences of enterprise brands alongside benchmark data and trends in consumer behaviour, to determine the factors accelerating discounting behaviour in 2020 and how you can look to address this and create a more holistic partnership program in 2021.”

We’d like to thank Partnerize and Silverbean for providing this excellent resource, which is available for free download.

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