2020 brought with it many changes and trends that completely rid us of our established norms. There was no way to prepare for last year, but with the insight we have gained, we can now make preparations for any unpredicted events the future may bring.

As consumers and businesses alike begin to settle into ‘the new norm’, 2021 will bring with it a chance to adapt.

We are seeing variations in data that, without the events of last year, would have been completely unpredicted. Whilst 8pm has, across the last five years, remained consistent as the peak hour for conversion, we are seeing fluctuations elsewhere, for instance daily promotional performance, with Tuesday now the biggest day for redemptions.

Uniqodo has spent time reviewing the wealth of data they have gained from e-commerce clients, partners and publishers in 2020 in order to help you strategise the best way to build your own successful promotional campaign in 2021.

They have provided a deep dive into daily performance for redemptions, with data revealing a new mini-peak for conversion, and similar data on a monthly basis, with intriguing insight which can be used to create strategies for the months ahead.

In a simple and digestible format, the report provides insight into:

  • 2020’s promotion trends
  • Key promotion statistics from discovery right through to redemption
  • The most effective formats that drive conversion
  • The benefit of affiliate channels and publishers
  • Industry-specific insights for retail, travel, telecom and utility

This intriguing data and more applicable tips, for instance using mystery discounting as a tool for driving conversions, the best days to increase engagement with discount campaigns, sure-fire ways to make sure your redemptions are being used, or even how to best analyse past data to predict future campaign outcomes, are available all in one place.