With an increasing amount of technology being developed with the intent of providing analysis of customer engagements, it seems to be more simple than ever to find partners.

The question is, however, does this technology take away the personal aspect of affiliate partner sourcing that networks and SaaS platforms allow?

Time spent planning and designing an affiliate programme is wasted if the affiliates involved aren’t the right fit. Reaching your desired audience to promote your products and create the image for your brand that you are aiming for are the key things to concentrate on when searching for affiliates, and this can be time consuming.

Is technology the answer?

AI-driven apps can streamline this process. With the process being entirely automated, clarity in a heavily saturated affiliate market is something that can be achieved with little effort.

Most of this technology learns from existing affiliate partnerships by viewing transactions and engagement within affiliate networks, using this to work out which publishers are best suited to an advertiser.

A key question to ask here is: if a lot of time and money has been invested in making a business successful, do you want to put the chance to further that success into the hands of AI?

Affiliate marketers love to talk. We’re an industry of chatty people, and it may seem slightly strange to some to take away the personal factor and replace it with automation. However, a lot of time could be saved by using this new technology. What do you favour – the simplified, data-driven approach, or a more personal experience?