The research, which was designed and conducted by the IAB Australia Affiliate Marketing Working Group, involved an industry survey which took place during October and November 2020. Responses were gathered from over 130 advertisers and agencies who operate Affiliate Marketing programmes in Australia.

What were the findings?

It is great to see that the Affiliate Marketing industry is continuing to grow into a sophisticated and valuable acquisition channel for brands across Australia.

It was found that Affiliate marketers invest across a range of monthly budgets. A third (34%) currently spending over $50,000 a month (up from 28% last year).

Source: IAB

Six in ten respondents had one to five years experience in Affiliate marketing. However, experience is growing with those having over 5 years experience increasing from 22% in 2019 to 30% in 2020.

There has been a slight increase in budgets coming from eCommerce (from 22% in 2019 to 29% in 2020). Nearly 7 in 10 are reporting increased budgets for Affiliate Marketing over the last year.

David Glasgow, Director of Navigate Digital and Chair of the IAB Affiliate Working Group, said: “Affiliate Marketing is continuing to experience significant growth amid the turbulence brought about by COVID-19 and the lockdown. Over two-thirds of survey participants saw an increase in affiliate spend across 2020, with a third spending over $50k per month through the channel. 70% of brands saw an overall increase in business across 2020, and 68% recorded increased revenue through the affiliate channel specifically.

“The 2021 affiliate industry review demonstrates how important affiliate marketing is for Australian brands. Continued growth, and positive success
metrics, are making this an invaluable channel during a time of uncertainty and disruption.”

The report can be viewed in its entirety here.