Stravito‘s research, which was conducted by independent polling company Censuswide research, took place in the last week of December 2020. Those being surveyed were two hundred large and medium business decision makers about their plans for 2021.

The findings

It revealed that 76% of businesses are set to overhaul their customer engagement strategies in response to the disruption and dispersal caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This suggests that many companies are already anticipating 2021 to be the year that they ‘bounce-back’ from the difficult period caused by the crisis.

Interestingly, 82% of participants agreed that data-driven insights are a top priority for them in 2021, and a whopping 83% agreed that improving communication and relationships with customers will be critical to their business growing this year.

Similarly, 72% of participants agreed that their company needs to improve its knowledge and research sharing capabilities in order to improve sales in 2021.

Thor Olof Philogène, CEO and co-founder of Stravito, commented: “In this era, connecting to consumers on a ‘human level’ is more important than ever, and demonstrating empathy and understanding with customer concerns is imperative.

“This process must start with comprehensive market and consumer research to help inform business strategy and understand exactly how consumer behaviour and expectations have adapted over the past year.”

Employees are still working remotely, and this means that it is essential that research and business insights are made available to all workers and departments in companies. This will ensure there is no misalignment in knowledge and customer acquisition strategies.

It is critical that businesses ensure they can communicate with their customers in order to move forward and ‘bounce back’ from the last past 12 months.