Since the 1990’s, when brick-and-mortar retailers dominated the marketplace, a whole new paradigm of sales and marketing has developed. This means less room is left for the traditional stores which used to line our high-streets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also introduced a whole new threat to physical retailers, with empty store lots now a common sight. Performance marketing could be the key to tackling this.

What is Zellebrate and how can applications like this help?

The creation of the likes of Zellebrate could be the answer to these retailers problems.

Zellebrate allows consumers to view and compare items being retailed by physical stores, from a mobile application. The idea originally came from the founders Chris Russell and Karl Bennett’s aim to ensure brick-and-mortar retailers would not lose their place on the market.

Karl Bennett, CDO and Co-Founder said: “Zellebrate’s goals are simple: be the equivalent of a virtual countrywide superstore of all brick-and-mortar based products, making it freely available to search, find, compare, and acquire. Our solution is designed to help consumers quickly and easily find matching products from retailers that are ideally locally available.”

The creators of Zellebrate follow what they call: ‘Performance Related Retail.’

CEO of Zellebrate UK, Indrajeet (Indy) Mukherjee, said: “We understand that some local brick-and-mortar retailers have been working in the physical world for so long that it can be hard to enhance their presence. We have built a boutique website creation tool that will create local retailers an e-commerce website completely for free.”

Chris Russell, CEO and Co-Founder of Zellebrate said: “It’s one thing for local retailers to have their products digitised and saleable online but it’s quite another to get consumer traffic to those websites and generate sales.

“That’s where Zellebrate’s performance marketing business model kicks in. Every single retailer has their own story to tell and that personality and the product content that goes with it must get exposure if they’re to compete with the online giants monopolising their space.”

The key to brick-and-mortar retailers success

It is important that no retailer, whether large or small, is marginalised. Zellebrate will assist in driving traffic and sales, and only when sales occur will traders incur a fee (when Zellebrate have marketed for them).

Smartphones have made the blend between physical and online retail possible, and it is a positive sign for brick-and-mortar retailers to have products such as Zellebrate being created in their favour.

Innovative thinking and the redesign of business models are steps that will allow physical retailers to involve themselves in the picture. This is the key to remaining relevant and successful.