With this investment, Admitad highlighted the importance of giving its partners a high-quality set of tools to monetise their traffic quickly and easily.

Alexander Bachmann, Admitad Founder and CEO, said: “RevGlue is a one-of-a-kind company: being a SaaS-platform, it provides publishers with multiple tech solutions for traffic monetisation. 

“At the same time, it possesses vast affiliate marketing experience. We believe this collaboration will become a valuable asset for our partners around the world, so our intent is to keep supporting RevGlue in their growth and worldwide expansion.”

Why RevGlue?

RevGlue is known for products that span both affiliate data providers and traffic monetising publishers. The Manchester-based company offers a set of tools to create new affiliate websites in the SaaS model using their WordPress plugins and structured content. 

These tools are already in high demand, with social media influencers, mobile application developers and bloggers – those who are eager to monetise their web, social and mobile platforms – consciously using affiliate marketing models.

RevGlue CEO and Founder, Adeel Farooq, said: “We greatly appreciate the support and trust from Admitad. The investment will be used for scaling our business activities first in the UK and then in the markets worldwide, starting with the USA where we will also be offering our enhanced set of tools and services.”

RevGlue is ideally positioned to grow quickly over the upcoming year, providing users with multiple solutions to create niche affiliate websites. Thus, publishers will eventually help their consumers save money – via cashback, coupons, discounts and other business models. For Admitad, this range of opportunities helps to provide partners with high-level tools for easy and transparent traffic monetisation.

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