Intent-driven conversions are a key way to gain insight into data that allows companies to truly get to know their customers, equipping them with the knowledge that is essential in driving incremental conversions and a great customer experience.

Why are intent-driven conversions so important?

Offering customers exactly what they want, when they want it, is a much simpler way of driving conversions than trying to increase the traffic to your site.

More and more marketing strategies are using conversion technology, and tools like this are incredibly helpful in optimising the positive effects of the technology.

Smarter Click is harnessing this trend with, and is rolling out a new brand name, logo and overall image for its US and APAC operations, as it is set to continue diversifying further into offering additional conversion tools across a host of new brand and publisher partnerships.

Ennis Al-Saiegh, CEO, said: “Intent is at the heart of everything we do. Using intent-based data to drive incremental conversions and customer experiences is the axiom of our operations. Doubling your conversion rate is far more cost-effective and efficient than doubling your traffic levels, and has a string of products that can do just that.” 

Some other platforms offering services allowing you to keep track of your consumers habits in a wider context are Funnel, HubSpot and BuzzSumo, to name a few.

These platforms all work towards ensuring their partners are reaching the right people at the right time, and it seems tools such as will make it much easier for this to take place.