It seems most marketers are trying their best to keep up-to-date with consumers ever-changing needs. However, there is still an emphasis on gender in certain products which needs to be addressed.

Ignoring customer needs and solely concentrating on outdated norms and ideas means one thing and one thing only – stereotypes do not sit well with today’s consumers, so they will take their business elsewhere.

There is a rise in gender-neutral pronouns being used, with 35% of Gen-Zers saying they know somebody who uses them, according to Pew research.

If company longevity and consumer loyalty is something a company focuses on, and if a business is attempting to focus on new customer acquisition, it is of paramount importance that they think towards the future and the needs of those customers.

With non-binary people already tackling poor understanding on a daily basis, marketers should not add to this, and supporting their customers in this way is incredible – but only if it comes from a place of authenticity.

How can Marketers change strategies to suit their consumers?

Marketers should ask themselves if they can do better than they are doing, and if so, they should come up with a plan.

According to marketing experts Dali Tembo and Jess Jorgensen, these are a few words that marketers should be incorporating into their strategies, for instance: non-binary, gender-neutral, gender-queer and non-conforming.

Marketer and LGBTQ+ advocate Mia Weston put together a helpful list of terms which can be used in general speak – it is making small adaptations like this which will allow your business to become more widely accepting and accommodating.

Mattell have not only been changing their marketing strategy to suit the terminology, but have also brought out gender-neutral dolls to cater to all customers interests. 

No matter the history or current stance of a business, it is essential that they stay up to date and adhere to what is standard and what will progress to be the norm, if they hope to continue to please present customers, as well as acquire new ones.