A quick introduction to Niamh

Niamh is a University of the West of England Journalism graduate. She previously worked as a features writer for SWNS Media Group and as a writer for the young creatives magazine, Shift, as well as a transcriptionist for MediaWise.

With skills in broadcast presenting, editing, and production, as well as having excellent writing skills, we look forward to working with Niamh as a key member of the content team at PerformanceIN.  

What to expect from PerformanceIN in 2021

Whatever 2021 brings us, here at PerformanceIN, we will definitely not be slowing down. With our 2020 events having been limited to online awards and conferences, we remain positive that by October 2021 we’ll be able to run PI LIVE London, the Influencer Marketing Show and the International Performance Marketing Awards.

However, even if fate decides the events cannot go ahead in person, we will not be stopped from recognising fantastic work and hosting the awards digitally.

Therefore, the Performance Marketing Awards categories will be released this month, with the deadlines extended for a significant period of time.

In the meantime, our team is working hard to bring our partners the exceptional content they deserve, and the recruitment of two new journalists and an exciting new line of products will ensure the provision of this!

If you have a way to contribute, we have a whole new way of getting in touch, which will hopefully allow us to feature only the top and most relevant content for our subscribers.