Customer experience (CX) has always been important, after all, that’s how what were once startups have now become household names. But with the attention span of consumers shortening, the market of competitors widening and cart abandonment rates still sky high, every move to improve the experience of consumers is paramount to the success of any online retailer.

With a rising number of consumers swapping the shops for the sites, now more than ever startups like Quantum Metric – who specialise in building tools to help with Digital Product Design – are coming into play.

Brands must develop their online presence

An increasing amount of businesses are being forced to go online to advertise their products and services, and this means that well-designed, customer-friendly services are essential in ensuring success.

Poorly designed sites and apps can cost much-needed custom – well executed digital product design is the key to having a service with no glitches, bugs or issues.

Quantum Metric provides continuous digital product design – a cloud-based service which tests the digital products it builds to make sure they work efficiently, and improve them if they don’t. The technology can sense customer frustration and solve it, for instance, if somebody is continuously clicking on a broken link, it can determine why this is happening, and suggest ways to avoid this in the future.

Quantum Metrics continues to grow

The fact that this service has become an essential, means that Quantum Metric managed to raise $200 million in funding, which has them now valued at over $1 billion.

Being a business that is focused on helping deliver excellent customer service, during a time when this is needed more than ever, has meant that Quantum Metric received funding from Insight Partners, the US private equity firm. Insight Partners has been supporting more businesses focusing on delivering customer service and satisfaction, for instance Glia, a customer service technology company, who just received a $78 million round.

By the end of 2020, Quantum Metric had achieved 1 billion unique monthly visitors. With their forward thinking approach and consideration of consumers, this is no surprise.