Dining habits have changed significantly over recent times after people have been forced to swap eating out for staying in, meaning food delivery services are thriving.

Deliveroo recently made the exciting announcement that they have partnered with Button, the mobile commerce tech company, in order to unlock incrementality testing at scale.

Using Evolution, Button’s product suite, which provides industry-first personalisation and intelligence products, Deliveroo will be able to increase its sales. The software, the first of its kind in performance marketing, will help brands understand the incremental return on advertisement spending across publishers such as Moneybox, Yolt, Plum, Bnext, Quidco and Topcashback, in order to increase its sales.

eMarketer forecasts that the number of smartphone food delivery app users will rise 25.2% to 45.6 million this year (Source: eMarketer), meaning that competition in the food delivery industry will become fiercer. Due to this, better intelligence and testing capabilities will be essential in a brand’s success.

Rob Berrisford, Button’s Managing Director for Europe said: “The partnership channel is fragmented as there are different use cases with each publisher, and reaching statistical significance across multiple publishers is challenging.

“Button’s technology is able to dynamically show users in a test group an offer while excluding others in a control group, and examine the difference in behaviour between those two sets of users. We also record if there were any impressions and any subsequent purchase activity.

“This kind of incrementality testing that Button is able to carry out at scale across multiple publishers helps to answer the perennial question of whether a user would have made an order without being shown an offer.

“We’re honored to help marketers at Deliveroo gain the intelligence and insights they need to optimise their spend and yield greater returns. Together, we’re excited to help Deliveroo push the bounds of scale and profitability in their partnerships and affiliate channels.”

Tiziana Bacchilega, Global Affiliates Lead, Performance Marketing, Deliveroo said: “When it comes to affiliate partnerships at Deliveroo, we’re unable to sit on an even keel with other digital marketing teams to prove the cause and effect of our marketing spend. It has increasingly become a focus at Deliveroo to understand where our orders are coming from. That’s why we partnered with Button for their technology to dynamically run incrementality tests—to demonstrate the value of affiliate and grow affiliate’s slice of the performance marketing pie at Deliveroo.”

“Prior to our partnership with Button, onboarding of publishers, validations, and invoicing were all done manually. Now, everything is done automatically through Button’s platform and we no longer have to worry about setting up campaigns and tracking links—Button has made a difference.”

“As for what’s next, we hope for incrementality testing to be an always-on program that’s woven into the fabric of our affiliate channel. We aim to test and identify optimal offers for different users through Actionable Intelligence, another product in the Button Evolution™ suite of personalization and intelligence products, to maximize the return on ad spend, as well as increase new user acquisition and app downloads.”