The Publisher Discovery tech team have recently put in place a number of technical changes in the way that their data is gathered, as well as in the database structure. This has meant that even more publisher websites are now being indexed with access to increased numbers of affiliates and influencers. The numbers of affiliate sites in the app have risen from two million to over three million. 

The growth in data is across multiple geos and verticals to support the global user base. The developments have also provided for an improvement in app response to improve performance.

Partner Discovery Platform

Publisher Discovery, the leading affiliate discovery and recruiting platform is now available to advertisers via a number of network and SaaS platform partners, as an add-on to their toolsets,  for affiliate and partner discovery. These include partners such as Affiliate Future, TUNE, LinkConnector and Everflow, to help clients expand their relationships with affiliates, influencers and broader media partnerships.

“It’s exciting to see the rapid evolution of affiliate marketing into the broader inclusive category of Partner Marketing. This evolution, plus platform advancements, has opened up the amount of partnership opportunities available for brands while unlocking new opportunities for affiliates themselves to expand their reach and promotion methods”

Michael Cole, VP of Marketing, Everflow

Huge Increase in Data

The increase in affiliate numbers has been driven by advances in the identification and curation of the affiliate link data. The rise to over three million publisher websites is from analysis of over 2.7 billion affiliate links, referring through to over 460,000 advertisers worldwide.

The initial raw data is processed to eliminate dead links and websites to deliver the most relevant and valuable new potential affiliate partners, across over 80 market Verticals. The algorithm now also includes Trust Flow and Citation Flow scores for each of the affiliate websites, to further improve the relevance of results.

Michael Cole adds, “This rapid expansion in the number of affiliates and types of performance partners makes it increasingly important to build out processes for discovering and recruiting partners beyond traditional affiliate websites.”

Global Reach

The Publisher Discovery tools cover over 80 market verticals in all geos, so advertisers are able to search within markets. For instance looking at just FR or then DACH, or more widely again, SE Asia. 

As a global advertiser with teams in most geos, we value the ability to identify strong local partnership opportunities in each region and these tools make the identification of the most relevant and useful a lot simpler”.

Simon Stanley, Head of Affiliates, Kaspersky

See How it Works

The platform is designed to be simple to use and very quick to arrive at really actionable results. Users report a saving of several hours a week in the searching and assessing new potential affiliates. The AI behind this platform achieves not only this but accurately assesses the relevance of each publisher.

“Publisher Discovery has perfected my way of working when recruiting affiliates. They’ve managed to make account managers’ lives easier to determine which are the best results for a brand/advertiser.”

Stephon Anthony, Affiliate Executive, Master of Malt

For affiliate managers interested in trying Publisher Discovery, there is a free 7-day trial available on the website.

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