Can you tell us a bit more about what attendees can expect from the session?

We plan to host a relaxed and informal session and everyone is welcome to attend. This year in particular has highlighted how important it is for us to all keep learning and improving when it comes to making our working environments more inclusive. It isn’t something that should just be left to the People Team or HR department to initiate. So whilst we’ll be kicking off with a fireside chat we really want to encourage an open forum to ask questions on the three topics we’ve picked out to discuss.

What areas of D&I are you planning to focus the webinar on?

Turn the Talk was delighted to be a Media Partner of PI Live Global in October, and I personally had the privilege of hosting the panel discussion discussing DE&I, more specifically looking at what goals businesses should set for the next 12 months. It was a great opportunity to hear a mixture of ideas and perspectives, and moreover it was fantastic to see such a turnout to the session. 

Following the session Turn the Talk was approached by a number of people who wanted the opportunity to hear and learn more about topics which had been briefly touched upon in the PI Live panel; recruitment, unconscious bias and of course, what Turn the Talk targeted our resources into last year, public speaking empowerment. These are the three main areas we’ve chosen to pick out for the webinar discussion. 

One of our priorities has always been to provide free and accessible resources to everyone. Last year this took the form of a free face to face workshop, but obviously this isn’t something we can do this year! So the webinar will take its place.

Can you tell us a bit more about Project 23, whom you’ve teamed up with for the session?

We’re delighted to welcome Gary Rayneau, co-founder of Project 23 to share his views and answer questions. Project 23 is an organisation that helps its clients create diverse and inclusive cultures. Driven by the fundamental belief that a culture of equality and belonging drives performance.

Gary helps translate good intentions and ideas into action and sustainable change. Combining this drive with a passion for detail, process and all what others might consider the ‘boring but important’ stuff. Gary enables companies to realise the value and importance of difference – all with a calm, logical yet punchy approach. 

Gary co-founded Project 23 in 2018 following a 17 year career in advertising and media so it’s going to be great to hear from someone that has both expertise in D&I consultancy and an appreciation of the challenges that the online advertising and marketing industry faces.

And finally, what are the all-important details for those wishing to attend?

The session will be at 15:00 GMT on Thursday 3rd December 2020. 

It’s free and open to anyone who registers. We’ll kick off with a fireside chat between Sophie Parry-Billings, co-founder of Turn the Talk / Associate Director, Marketing (EMEA) at Acceleration Partners and Gary Rayneau Co-Founder of Project 23. 

We’ll be welcoming questions throughout, alternatively you can email ahead of the session with any questions you’d like to chat about.

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