Businesses utilising Shopify as their website’s ecommerce platform can now seamlessly integrate with Awin’s global network, unlocking access to over 200,000 partners with an online audience of over 560 million in 175 countries.

The move coincides with Awin’s new proposition aimed at small and micro-SME businesses known as Awin Access. Awin Access offers businesses operating on this self-managed tier the ability to launch a programme for free with low license and operational costs as well as a short minimum term of 3 months.

Michelle O’Sullivan, Business Development Director, UK explains:

“Awin Access has been hugely successful, helping small and newly launched businesses to take their first steps into affiliate marketing, unlocking the substantial growth it can bring. We have already helped drive over £14m in sales revenue for the UK alone. Being welcomed into the Shopify’s ecosystem Network made sense as the next natural step due to the match of the exact audience Awin Access is designed to support and nurture. Shopify is going from strength to strength and, as the largest ecommerce platform, has an impressive customer portfolio of thriving businesses who can increase their traffic and sales by launching an affiliate programme. By paying out to referring websites only when sales are achieved all businesses should consider adding this type of no risk activity to their marketing mix.”

Commercially the offering is keenly priced with free set-up, one month free (thereafter £75 +VAT) with an override fee of 30%.