Congratulations on winning Best Paid Social at the 2020 Performance Marketing Awards! Tell us about your campaign and winning this award?

Thank you! The award was for Tesco’s 2019 Easter campaign, which is an incredibly competitive season for supermarkets with the threat of customers trading out. This was the story of how we used Paid Social to find the right customers, hit them with a tailored message, and ultimately win them back – resulting in £1.5m incremental revenue and a ROAS of £8.97.

How did it feel to know that the industry helped support you to get this award?

It’s always meaningful to have a campaign which you’re incredibly proud of to be acknowledged by your peers and the industry as not only being notable but considered the best; which makes it all the more special. Particularly with the calibre of judges this year! This was our first Paid Social award of the season and gave us a real air of confidence.

The human touch has been a critical element of this year’s entries. How has team collaboration been vital to your campaign success?

Collaboration throughout – between Tesco, BBH and MediaCom – was perhaps the most important ingredient. We had stakeholders spanning multiple teams across all three organisations simultaneously pulling in the same direction – Tesco and MediaCom’s media teams leading on identifying the “who?” of it all and the right audience, Tesco’s insight team and BBH interpreting the “how?” and creating the most appropriate messaging, and then Tesco and MediaCom’s media teams returning for the “where?” to execute the campaign in the most impactful way.

From your experiences, what qualities make an award-winning entry?

There isn’t any set formula, but all of the best award winning work MediaCom and Tesco have produced is grounded in a true understanding of your audience and the challenges they face, and keeping that insight at the heart of everything you do throughout the campaign. A touch of razzle dazzle and strong results, never hurts either!

Lastly, what’s your take on the PMAs as a necessary vehicle for driving the performance marketing industry forward?

The PMAs are vital. The quality of all the nominees in the Best Paid Social category was amazing, and I’ve no doubt that each one of the agencies and brands involved will improve their standards in the coming years. If we want to retain this accolade, which we definitely do, we’ll need to push ourselves harder – all of this has a halo effect on the work in the industry.

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