We hope you’ve enjoyed PI LIVE Global as much as we did! A huge thank you to all the delegates, partners and sponsors for sharing our first virtual experience in a year of game-changing moments.

Check out our final highlights from the last afternoon:

Getting incrementality right

In this great panel session, Caroline Mulvihill along with Carla Arrindell (Optimise Media), Lauren Ogúndèkó (PHD UK) and Joanna Kenny (Acceleration Partners) provided a deep-dive into the concept of incrementality and opened a wider discussion around attribution and where credit should be awarded in the customer lifecycle. Summarising in a great football analogy of measuring assists to goal, Lauren criticised that in terms of attribution and rewarding the funnel, we should be much more advanced rather than relying on last-click while both Carla and Joanna added that businesses must fully buy-in to reviewing incrementality properly while investing in the right experts and doing tests to ensure openness and transparency is in the process.

In the next session, CJ Affiliate’s Kate Knight highlighted the reasons why the lack of loyalty was driving more opportunities for publishers in addition to how you can drive better strategic value with your partnerships. Touching on mobile e-commerce, consumer behaviour changes due to COVID-19 and more, Kate advised affiliates to evolve their programme offering in response to market changes as well as engaging with newer audiences and focusing more on the lower-tier partners to drive engagement.

Media drinks, quiz and aligning influencer and affiliate

Breaking up the final day of the show as it is a Friday, the PI LIVE Global Quiz took place with host Matt Bailey from ProductsUp putting the wits and trivia against the PI LIVE Global delegates. Then so after, a fire-side chat featuring Jess Brown (Awin), Briony Sheard (MediaCom North) and Ollie Keely (Twentysix) over some virtual media drinks as they discussed the importance of media meets up and building relationships in today’s climate as well as best practice for affiliates to working with agencies – such as being more collaborative, being real and transparent and providing the right information to begin working together efficiently.

Then lastly, in the final session of the virtual conference, the alignment of influencer marketing and performance marketing came to centre stage as the likes of TikTok (Joel Williams), Cult Beauty (Chikay Lo), Cabtree & Evelyn (Glosinda Goes) and the CMA (Rob John) shared views on striking the right balance for brands and influencers to work together whilst more education and innovation was needed to fairly reward and attribute influencers lower down the funnel.

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That’s everything from us at the very first edition of PI LIVE Global and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

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