The third afternoon of PI LIVE Global brought some game-changing sessions across the board. Here are just some of our favourite highlights from the day:

Building for a better future

Kicking off Day 3, Webgains managing director Alona Malinovska discussed how vital digital transformation was in today’s affiliate marketing landscape whilst offering recommendations to better planning and budgeting your strategies in order to future proof your business. Some of these tips included analysing key data and staying agile in your processes, investing in lifelong learning and talent, supporting your staff and looking at new ways of working to keep up to date with the digital era.

Meanwhile, DTC brands were high on the agenda and this great panel discussion featuring Gymshark’s Calum Waton, Gousto’s Tom Wallis, Broom & Wild’s Lindsey Newell and Zenith Media’s Tim Waddington shared sound advice on what retailer brands can learn from the success of DTC. Touchpoints mentioned were accessibility to data and being reactive with it, sticking to your core principles and listening to your consumers in addition of being more authentic as a brand, working with the right people and mindset and lastly, reinvesting in experience through tech and testing to creating memorable customer experiences.

The final evolution of affiliate marketing

Tipser CMO Lassi Eronen gave an insightful talk into the next step of affiliate marketing and how brands and retailers can create a mutually beneficial relationship by offering commerce at the point of inspiration. Lassi explained that making a healthy ecosystem, where everyone thrives together, was key but moving the buying transaction point to the media platform from the shop will immediately change and drive twice as much commissions, conversions and brand exposure. Next up, Jo Hayes from Genie Shopping gave an excellent talk on CSS Shopping and how working with CSS partners can not only compliment your affiliate programmme but also provide you with the resources, data and competitive advantage to achieve incremental revenue.

Luxury brand partnerships and data

Wrapping up the afternoon of sessions, Condé Nast senior commerce partnerships manager Jacqueline Wladis gave a brilliant talk on the maths side of affiliate marketing, and for publishers and merchants specifically, to align their goals, review the revenue formula and utilising data to inform your decisions to fully flourish partnerships. Then in the last panel session of the day, Wladis, as well as Jared Field from Browns, discussed the rising trend of luxury brands taking on affiliate and some of their unique approaches to partnerships, including loyalty, diversifying their programmes, matching core values and sustainability and exploring new data points to drive more incrementality.

And, how can we forget The Late Show third edition with Chris Johnson as host with some special guests as they discussed the Service vs Solution debate, top trends and rating speaker’s zoom backgrounds.

Thanks again for tuning into PI LIVE Global today and see you at 14.00pm GMT tomorrow for one last afternoon of performance marketing!