Congratulations on winning Best Lead Generation Campaign at the 2020 Performance Marketing Awards! Tell us about your campaign and winning this award?

This campaign has been evolving since it’s launch in 2018 and we knew that winning the award two years in a row, would be particularly challenging, especially in a broader category.

As the BPme product offering had changed in 2019 to be more rewards focused, we knew that we needed to be more intelligent with our media buys. In-order to segment our audience, we had to use multiple data points from various providers to paint a picture of how consumers were actually interacting with the campaign. Some consumers wanted to use the app to purchase fuel and others to gain reward points. This meant continuously changing our messaging strategy based on the different audience segments and location behaviours we were receiving back from our partners. Being flexible with our creative messaging, was one of the route causes for the successful campaign and showed within the strength of installs that were driven. Winning the award means so much to us, as it validates all the hard work we put in to making sure that this campaign made sense and was set-up for success.

How did it feel to know that the industry helped support you to get this award?

Amazing. It is so great to have the acknowledgement from industry peers for a second year in a row. I hope I can continue this success into future years.

The human touch has been a critical element of this year’s entries. How has team collaboration been vital to your campaign success?

This was absolutely essential. Sometimes it is so hard to take off your media hat and think about what is really happening at a consumer level. We needed to gather multiple opinions and views to really dig into what our customers were actually doing on our BP forecourts and how they would be responding to our advertising. Once we understood that, planning our campaign was much easier.

From your experiences, what qualities make an award-winning entry?

Logic, common sense, real data, actual performance, business learnings and campaign evolution.

Lastly, what’s your take on the PMAs as a necessary vehicle for driving the performance marketing industry forward?

I think it’s an essential vehicle for helping people have their good work recognised and keeps people trying harder to improve. Without the PMA’s we would have no benchmarks for success.

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