Global Savings Group (GSG) is the leading European Commerce Content platform focussing on the delivery of consumer rewards, cashback, savings opportunities, and shopping content. By assisting millions of consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions, GSG enables advertisers to reach high-intent users at scale in 20+ markets around the world. GSG operates 100+ digital assets with the world’s leading publishers, helping them to monetise by delivering products, recommendations, cashback and discounts to consumers. Founded in 2012 by Adrian Renner, Andreas Fruth, and Gerhard Trautmann, GSG’s fast-growing team of more than 500 tech enthusiasts, online marketers, account managers and editors today funnels more than three million purchases every month. By aggregating the editorial curation and distribution of Commerce Content on one unique technology stack, GSG is transforming the way consumers buy, brands sell, and digital publishers earn – one transaction at a time.


Offering the right mix of product discovery, recommendations, deals and discounts along the consumer decision journey Global Savings Group helps millions of consumers to make smarter shopping decisions by addressing multiple entertainment and purchasing motivations across horizontal and vertical Commerce Content portals and tools, operated solely by us or together with the world’s most well-known publishers, such as the DailyMail and Metro.


Combining the reach and relevance of +100 selected digital portals and tools, which monthly create and funnel +2 million purchases, we allow the world’s largest marketers to establish direct links to relevant consumers in all steps of the consumer decision journey with the most efficient models. Our global account-management teams combine unparalleled global perspective on commercial models with a deep understanding of local markets, to develop tailor campaigns for advertising partners across all markets.

GSG is the largest commerce content platform outside of the USA and this achievement is also a result of the world-class account management service we provide to our clients. We drove circa 66 million purchases through our solutions last year which generated €1.6 billion in revenue for our advertising partners. With less than 4 years in the UK market, we became the most valued publisher by brands across all verticals, helping both our news publishers and advertisers to reach their ambitious targets. Besides having a stellar account management team, we provide a flexible commercial approach and great levels of return on investment.

An essential element of our success is our close collaboration with our news publishing partners, as our teams engage jointly in developing strategies on how to consistently improve the value proposition for consumers. 

Creativity & innovation

As evidence to our approach and how we excel in everything we do, here are a few testimonials on how we wow our partners:

‘‘GSG have made a huge impact in the affiliate space. Cleverly curated content plus their ability to drive meaningful revenue for a brand has reaped dividends from a network perspective. Their global presence has helped us work together in multiple markets, further strengthening partnerships. Their Summer and Christmas parties were a great way to meet the whole team’’

“Since we has started collaborating with GSG the partnership has had brilliant growth, exceeding great results year over year. The GSG team makes the difference as they guarantee us an extremely high level of management service, flexible commercials and great content. Today we are happy to say that GSG is a key partner on our affiliate business and we look forward to achieving even greater results in 2019.’’

“We regard GSG as one of their most valued Partners both in the UK and across numerous markets. They can offer multiple, innovative solutions that help us reach ambitious targets of incremental revenue and customer acquisition. Account management has always been top quality at GSG: professional, supportive, quick to respond, flexible and creative. We are very happy with our partnership with GSG and are very keen to keep expanding the relationship’’


Becoming the industry choice of publisher does not come easy. Through extremely hard work and commitment from our team, we managed to exceed targets quarter after quarter since we started in the UK market four years ago. With an industry that was quite stagnant when it comes to growth rates, GSG disrupted the industry in a way that was never seen before. Our approach to partner closely with news publishers was innovative, as it created a win-win for the entire industry. More and different types of consumers got access to great content (online and offline), we established a new and alternative revenue stream for news publishers and created high ROI for our advertising partners. This approach was instantly recognised by both clients and advertisers, and with an account management level that was second to none, we paved our way to success.

Being recognised as the publisher of choice by our peers in the industry is an enormous achievement and we are very proud of this award. It paid off all the hard work the team put in, especially during these difficult times. We would like to thank every single member of our team for being so amazing and resilient and above all for keeping our clients and partners happy and motivated. We are very unique on the way we do things and we plan to keep it this way for as long as we possibly can. Maintaining a healthy and joyful relationship with our clients is key for the success of the company. Combined with strong performance across the board, we are certain that this is only the beginning of a great journey. We are thankful for the partnerships we created in news publishing and for the dedication of their entire editorial and marketing team, that helps consumers on a daily basis to make better purchasing decisions.