Malaysia-based premium affiliate marketing network, Indoleads, has launched the first-of-a-kind affiliate marketplace connecting publishers and advertisers through top affiliate networks at one place. 

Indoleads, being the first global marketplace, has more than 5,000 affiliate campaigns, such as Lazada, Agoda, Amazon, Nike, Qatar Airways, to name a few. Indoleads’ provides convenient access to the largest affiliate networks on one platform, including Involve Asia, Optimise, Admitad, CityAds, and more. 

“Affiliate marketplace is a game-changing and innovative way to boost marketing efforts and increase income. We connect publishers to numerous affiliate networks in one place. Our platform is designed to not only capitalize on this phenomenon but maximize its potential, by providing individuals and businesses with an opportunity to earn affiliate income hassle-free while partnering with top-rated advertisers from across the world,” said Sergey Gaydar, founder of Indoleads.

Earn more income with affiliate marketplace

The goal of an affiliate marketer is to generate income, whether from a website, blog or social media platform, by adding links to web content. 

“To achieve the most desirable outcome, you need to conduct extensive research, compare different networks and look into thousands of reviews, which wastes considerable time — causing many to give up before they begin. That’s why Indoleads decided to create a global affiliate marketplace: a single platform integrated with numerous affiliate networks offering the best affiliate programs for you to start your marketing promotion activities,” Gaydar explained. 

Revolutionising affiliate marketing 

A single platform, single-window principle 

Numerous networks and over 5,000 affiliate campaigns from different affiliate networks on one platform, including Indoleads, Admitad, Optimize, CityAds, Involve Asia, and more top networks joining soon. Users select a particular affiliate campaign and their network and can get their tracking link directly form Affiliate Marketplace without being redirected to other websites.  

Instant access to the top affiliate networks

Users can instantly compare the terms and payout for a certain affiliate campaign from over 5 affiliate networks. Pick the best terms, or promote the same affiliate campaign from multiple networks simultaneously.

All the verticals at one place

Indoleads has E-commerce, Travel, Dating, Nutra, Loans, Games and many more. Just choose the vertical you wish to promote. This diversity allows any type of affiliate to get the best results in their preferred verticals. 

Instant approval for the offers

Indoleads gives access to promote the campaign. Users will instantly receive a commission from sales.Affiliates’ accounts are approved immediately without delay.

Automated regular payouts.

Affiliate marketing is all about mutual earning, and Indoleads’ marketing place makes the paying process friendly, quick and clear. Users will be able to track their balance in real time.

To access the affiliate marketplace, please visit our website.