The IAB UK has launched it’s Gold Standard 2.0 with additional criteria and requiring certified companies to implement IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0.

By increasing cross-industry transparency and standardising the use of consumers’ data, this is a significant step to proactively resolving privacy concerns within the digital advertising industry.

In addition, Gold Standard 2.0 incorporates IAB Tech Lab’s sellers.json and OpenRTB SupplyChain Object – both of which serve to improve accountability within the digital supply chain and strengthen the industry’s ability to combat ad fraud.

At time of launch, there are 10 companies that have been Gold Standard 2.0 certified: Facebook, GroupM, Index Exchange, Instagram, OpenX, Quantcast, SpotX, Teads, Xaxis and YouTube. 

Advertisers back initiative

The evolution of the Gold Standard comes as leading brands Unilever and COTY throw their weight behind the initiative. They join advertisers such as ASDA, Coca Cola and Tesco, to name a few, who commit to prioritising Gold Standard certified suppliers, or questioning suppliers and encouraging them to certify if they’re not already.

The addition of Unilever and COTY further strengthens the Gold Standard’s influence, helping to effectively drive change downstream in the digital supply chain.

“Since the Gold Standard launched in 2017, it has been embraced by the digital ad industry, making it a powerful initiative to address core issues and drive change from within. It’s imperative that the Gold Standard keeps pace with the challenges we face, which is why we’re strengthening the criteria to address user privacy and supply chain transparency,” commented IAB UK’s chief digital officer Tim Elkington.

“At Unilever, we recognise the central role advertisers’ investments make in shaping the digital ad industry and the importance of cross-industry collaboration in actively improving transparency and addressing fraud. The Gold Standard champions the same values that we are driving through our Responsibility Framework and work with Global Alliance for Responsible Media, which is why we’re delighted to be a Gold Standard advertiser supporter. Initiatives such as the IAB Gold Standard are key to a healthy and successful digital ad industry – one that works in the interests of all. As the criteria for the Gold Standard becomes more robust, now is the time for advertisers to get behind it and invest accordingly,” said Emma Saksena, UKI media director at Unilever.