Admitad has announced the launch of a new affiliate marketplace (Admitad Marketplace) — an aggregator of affiliate programs from multiple networks.

The platform will provide advertisers connected to CPA networks access to multiple publishers worldwide while utilising traffic sources, publisher engagement and accounting.

The development behind the new marketplace was drawn from AdGoal’s subnetwork business model in 2019. As of now, more than 35,000 advertisers are currently connected to the marketplace through 60 partner networks. Total advertiser turnover through the marketplace amounted to €1.3 billion in just under three quarters of 2020.

Addressing advertiser problems

According to Admitad, there were three core problems in subnetworks: advertisers could not see exact traffic sources, they could not choose publishers and types of advertising, and sometimes they shut down the whole affiliate program due to violations of just one publisher. You had to contact subnetworks personally to deal with such issues, which increased the amount of administrative work and challenges in the long term.

The Admitad Marketplace has addressed these problems while improving the quality of service. Advertisers from integrated affiliate networks will now be able to moderate partners independently as well as choose traffic sources and disable specific publishers for violations.

“Highly transparent operations, advanced tools, user-friendly interface are the features implemented in the new Admitad Affiliate Marketplace”, said Admitad founder and CEO Alexander Bachmann.

How can other affiliates benefit from Admitad Marketplace?

Affiliate Marketplace is a product that allow affiliate marketers to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships. It is a new level of trust.

Firstly, it is important for Admitad Marketplace to be a high-quality service provider for affiliate networks, facilitating the expansion of their presence and significantly increasing the number of active publishers. It includes instant access to dozens of thousands of vloggers, social media and messenger channel owners, loyalty programs and cashback services, discount sites and exclusive technology partners.

Secondly, the marketplace will become a single entry point for publishers to earn consistent commission online. There are more than a thousand affiliate networks in the world, and it is simply impractical to create an account for each one. Instead, the marketplace offers publishers one personal account, a single API for accessing all the tools, and a single service for receiving payments.