From your experiences, what qualities make an award-winning entry?

Owen Hancock: Having judged numerous awards over the years, I know first-hand how important it is to be succinct, clear and impactful in the entry. The adage less is more couldn’t be more relevant. The entry needs to flow seamlessly and the judges need to really buy into what you do – it should evoke a bit of passion from them and make them want you to win! It is also vital to prove in the results section that you clearly achieved your objectives.

Tell us about winning the Best SaaS Platform?

OH: We have been fortunate enough to have won seven industry awards in 2019 but this was a standout win for Impact as it encapsulates what we do. We have always believed we have the best technology in the industry and winning the Best SaaS Platform was a testament to exceptional work of the Impact team to build a solution that delivers on its promises and addresses the needs of advertisers who wanted to directly own their affiliate relationships.

How did it feel to know that the industry helped support you to get this award?

OH: One word – heart-warming! We strive to work closely with our customers, partners and the industry as a whole and partnerships are at the heart of what we do and what we believe in. It is the strength in these partnerships that we believe was a significant part of our success in winning this award.

How has team collaboration been vital to your brand’s success?

OH: Team is at the centre of our success as a business. We are only as good as the people who have put their hearts and souls every day into making Impact a leading SaaS platform. We have continued to grow in EMEA with seven new hires in the last few months and further expansion planned. We have also grown our client base across a variety of verticals and we have built each subsequent development based on a collaborative approach with our clients.

What’s changed for your company since winning the award?

OH: Since winning the Best SaaS award, many of the fastest-growing B2C businesses today have chosen to partner with us because our award-winning technology helps them grow revenue and increase efficiency. One stand out change that we have noticed is more legacy brands making the decision to leave networks behind and move to SaaS solutions. The levels of customisation and ability to automate partnerships appear to be a major motivator here.

What’s your take on the IPMAs as a necessary vehicle for driving the performance marketing industry forward on a global scale?

OH: The IPMAs are hugely important for the performance marketing industry as it is the only award in this industry that brings together companies globally and allows us to see the sheer talent and innovation that exists across the ecosystem. It is essential that we recognise this at an international level as it highlights what a vital part performance marketing plays within the wider marketing industry.

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