Voice Vouchers, a technology company incubated by Rehab, has announced its new proposition, Send me a Voucher — a brand new voucher experience available to all performance marketing teams and consumers through voice technology. 

Voice Vouchers currently produce an Amazon Alexa skill, Send Me a Voucher, to quickly provide unique codes to users. For example, whilst in a JustEat checkout on a smartphone, users can simply say “Alexa, send me a voucher for a JustEat offer”. The code is then spoken to the user, and sent to them immediately via text or email. After vigorous testing and support from Amazon in its design, the Skill is live now on Alexa with 25,000 active voucher codes available. 

Rehab, which has worked on conversational commerce experiences for the likes of Nike, Amazon and Google, developed the skill-based on the insight that almost a quarter of UK households already own smart speakers, and more than half of smart device owners using voice commands at least once a day.

Voice is set to become a key search channel for brands, and Voice Vouchers allows ready-made, seamless integration of voice commerce into a brand’s channel portfolio with no development required. 

Powered by promotions engine Uniqodo, all codes provided are unique – meaning voice campaigns are fully trackable without the need for links, clicks or cookies. For brands, this also means that codes cannot leak to unintended audiences, protecting margin, and can be personalised and dynamic – providing a vast array of potential experiences. 

Voice Vouchers also has future plans to launch Send me a voucher on Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as it becomes available through asynchronous text. Through these channels, users will be able to message a brand name or restaurant, immediately receiving a reply with a working unique voucher.

“The online voucher experience is widely known to be exceedingly frustrating, with the majority of sites built around cookie dropping and affiliate revenue rather than genuine customer value and experience. As brands see their models accelerate to e-commerce rapidly to deal with COVID-19, we’re pleased to bring Voice Vouchers to the table as a new means of delivering a fantastic experience to customers, who are keener than ever to find savvy ways to save money,” said Rob Bennett, CEO at Rehab and co-founder of Voice Vouchers.

Rehab is a london-based creative technology agency, working with brands to innovate and design digital products and services in a rapidly changing world.