Australian influencer MarTech startup Q-83 has today (August 19) announced the launch of its new talent and collaboration management hub, Kitly Business and Kitly app for talent, to the UK market following a strategic partnership with News UK, who owned full-service influencer marketing agency, The FIFTH.

One of the key issues within influencer marketing is the consistency of measuring the effectiveness of a campaign over an extended period of time while also identifying the right influencer partnerships.

Using Kitly Business, brands and agencies for the first time will be able to continually measure long-tail campaign performance and help optimise return on investment (ROI). This is proven by Kitly Business’ data that shows engagement increases by over 100% in the weeks and months after a campaign has ended.

The hub’s unique collaboration feature helps marketers manage multiple talent and campaign activations from one place. Marketers can easily assign individual deliverables that feed through to the talent’s app to keep on top of deadlines. Once the campaign is live marketers can then create single reports to track and monitor the success of a campaign with access to accurate performance-metrics in real-time – these reports can easily be shared with clients via the hub.

“We have spent the last two years in the trenches amongst Talent, Creative, PR and Influencer Marketing Agencies of all sizes listening and learning in order to continually develop a suite of tools that are market leading and fuelled by source data. As a company, Q-83 will always put the talent first, which is why the Kitly app sits at the heart of the tech. The app offers talent of all sectors a hub to efficiently create, manage and share everything an agency or brand can, and usually does request before, during and after a campaign,” said Anthony Richardson, managing director at Q-83.

“While the sector has established itself as a primary marketing channel in a short space of time, we see Kitly and Kitly Business as the first steps in professionalising the industry by creating transparent and efficient lines of communication between talent, their agents and agencies and brands. We’re incredibly excited to launch our new suite to bring brands and talent together to drive greater campaign effectiveness and ultimately deliver the real ROI,” Richardson continued.

When it comes to identifying the right talent, the Kitly app, which features Kitly Business, enables talent to showcase their value outside of their audience by sharing their portfolio with brands and agencies in a professional environment. For marketers, this provides them with a clear evaluation of the talent’s content performance and audience insights verified by a third-party provider, similar to how the Audited Bureau of Circulation (ABC) and JICWEBS regulate print and digital publishing respectively.

Through the Kitly app, talent can link their social media accounts and access a suite of tools to manage and measure brand collaborations to drive real revenue. This includes, running reports, creating invoices and keeping on top of account performance.

“The launch of Kitly Business will form an integral element to both the way we position our business and how we execute our campaigns for our brand clients. We will use the technology as part of our talent audience verification process to inform us of the strongest content strategy, posting times, campaign management and detailed real-time reporting. Kitly Business will help us take a more professional approach and create greater campaign efficiencies. We back and believe in what Kitly Business stands for and will continue to support them in their goals to make influencer marketing more accountable,” commented Jess Markwood, content & strategy director at The FIFTH.

Influencer marketing agency The FIFTH became an exclusive partner in 2019, following Q-83’s launch in 2018. The platform now has over 2000 influencers, 270 brands and 300 agencies from around the world and has been the data provider for campaigns with luxury and fast fashion as well as travel brands, including Tag Heuer, Lucozade, Boots and Marc Jacobs.