From July 1 2020, advertisers running campaigns on the Webgains affiliate network that use voucher codes across the UK, French and/or German markets will be able to directly access the Microsoft Bing Vouchers & Coupons search results box, as part of an exclusive partnership between Webgains and Microsoft Bing.

Now joining Webgains as a voucher affiliate, Microsoft, via its Microsoft Bing Voucher search tools is available to run all codes, either exclusive or otherwise from any of Webgains’ registered merchants in the UK, France and Germany.

For advertisers looking to maximise on new market share in the affiliate space, this new proposition is certainly promising. Campaigns and voucher codes can be set up as of today (May 28) with the campaign flights from July 1 as mentioned.

As a result of this, voucher codes will appear into the Bing search results triggered by a range of brand and keyword voucher and coupon related search queries.

Ultimately for retail merchants, this is a fantastic opportunity to target consumers at a time where online activity has sky rocketed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The new partnership and offering will provide deeper reach for brands as well as voucher codes being set a product level so campaigns can be tailored to support all kinds of objectives.

Find out more about Webgains exclusive partnership with Microsoft Bing here and how you can utilise this opportunity.