Firstly, we hope you and the team are keeping well and safe at the moment. How has the pandemic affected your affiliate relationships on a day-to-day basis?

Salman Dean: Certainly the pandemic has strengthened our relationships with our affiliates especially some of the smaller ones. We work with quite a few publishers who promote Wowcher full time and depend on their monthly commissions.

Have you seen reduced commissions or paused programs during this period? If so, how have you adapted your budgets and KPIs to the changes?

SD: Our budgets have been increased due to the strong performance we are seeing.

Have you seen a shift in verticals and product categories in the last 30 days (March-April)?

SD: Our local and travel side of the business has completely dropped off (understandably) while our national goods is booming. We’ve seen a sharp increase in rattan garden furniture and home essential items. We’ve worked very closely with our travel and local specific publishers to adopt a strategy that allows them to still have earnings by promoting our national goods.

How have you maintained the human element of performance marketing whilst working from home?

SD: The days are certainly filled with more Zoom calls and it’s always good to keep it light hearted no matter how busy it is.

Lastly, as a company, how are you supporting your team and clients during these unprecedented times?

SD: As a business we are making sure everyone is taking care of their mental health by providing tips and hosting a lot of games and quizzes.

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