Article written by Partnerize CMO Jim Nichols.

From its founding, Partnerize has led in developing ways to better serve partnership and affiliate program teams that do business across many countries. We also serve an even larger number of one- or two-country partner and affiliate programs, but are well known for meeting the unique challenges of serving global brands.

We got ahead in this area for the simple reason that several of our first affiliate marketing clients were working in 30 and more countries when they signed with us. These companies simply demanded that we create the team and infrastructure necessary to meet their global affiliate program needs. So we did, and have helped further expand their global partnerships footprints in the years since.

It’s not easy to do global partner and affiliate marketing well. To do it right you need lots of special capabilities, including:

  • Multiple language support (Partnerize Platform is available in 28 languages, with tech that makes it possible to provide customer support in 80 languages)
  • Multilingual staff (our team includes native speakers of 10 languages)
  • Localised strategic, technical and financial support (Partnerize has client success, client technical support, integrations, sales and finance staff in North America, EMEA, and APAC)
  • International payments (Partnerize makes affiliate program payments in 215 countries and territories, with monies delivered everywhere within 24 hours of authorisation)
  • Ability to pay partners commission in many currencies (Partnerize supports 60)
  • Have registered entities in highly regulated financial markets so payments can be delivered in those countries (Partnerize has many local financial entities, including in China and Brazil)
  • Deep market knowledge in a host of key regions (our team includes people with past experience in more than 40 countries)

To further enhance our ability to serve programs targeting an international or global audience, we’ve made a range of new hires and added a variety of new services over the past several months.

New staff

Partnerize has created a global strategic accounts team with representatives in the US, Europe, and APAC, to help global brands find and implement the partner management solution they need.

Steve McMahon has joined Partnerize as director of strategic accounts in the APAC region. Steve brings a host of global solutions experience to Partnerize, having helped deliver and lead such programs at Criteo and RTB House, as well as other firms.

Partnerize veteran George Gray is rejoining the company as director of strategic accounts EMEA. George is a global partner and affiliate channel veteran, experienced with a variety of brands.

Steve and George will work with Kevin Filippone, director of strategic accounts Americas, helping our current and potential customers define their needs and provide solutions.

Partnerize has also expanded its Customer Success, Client Support Services, and Integrations teams in the Southeast Asia region over the past months to bring additional service and expertise to this dynamic and fast-growing region. Recently joining the Partnerize team in Singapore is Vaibhav Garg, Integrations Engineer. Additionally, Chennisiani, client services executive, was recently hired in part to serve our growing list of clients who speak Indonesian.

New agency programs

Partnerize has also engaged with leading global agencies to help ensure that global brand clients who want to work with an agency have robust resources available for program management. Our new Agency Certification Program is a strong training and recognition program that awards Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum status to agencies which have mastered the Partnerize Platform. This status is designed to help agencies demonstrate their expertise to current and prospective partner marketing clients. While many partner and affiliate agencies have a regional focus, a growing number are adept at delivering global affiliate services as well.

Global partner support

Our company is deeply committed to meeting the needs of partners – after all, nothing we do is possible without a robust and engaged partner ecosystem. To better serve partners, we have established a global partnerships team to support traditional affiliate partners, influencer partners, social media partners, content media partner companies, technology partners, and leading digital and OPM agencies. Our most recent additions to this partner team are new hire and longtime industry veteran Cormac Jonas, head of partnerships – Americas, Melissa Peters, strategic alliances director – EMEA, who joined our Partnerships team in Amsterdam from our sales organisation, and Steven O’Reilly, US BDR, a new hire for Partnerize. 

We have also established a global partner growth team to activate and engage our massive partner ecosystem. This team is led by Callum Ridley, partner growth manager, who is based in our Newcastle headquarters. The most recent addition to this global team is Immy Ewbank, who joined the team after a successful time in our client support services organization. This team is focused on deepening our partner ecosystem in new markets and expanding our footprint globally.

Partnerize is proud to serve a fast-growing client list of single country, international, and global partnership and affiliate programs worldwide. We also work hard to get the money they deserve quickly, whether they are based in Albania, Zimbabwe, and almost everywhere in between.  

If you are looking to grow your partnerships programs, whether domestically or internationally, please get in touch.

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