Following Amazon’s notice to affiliates on its changes to cut commission rates on its affiliate programme as of today (April 21), global marketplace has announced a drastic move to more than double some of the commission rates for its affiliate programme across all products, in response to the brutal cuts.

As part of the announcement, OnBuy has raised commission for the next three months to levels that have zero profit, all to support publishers who have been hurt by this damaging decision. In some categories, the marketplace is offering up to 8.1% as part of its affiliate marketing programme.

With thousands of sellers offering millions of products, including quality and trusted brands, and the OnBuy Deals platform, affiliates can offer their users access to everything they could need – from toys to tech and beauty to pet supplies – at unbeatable prices.

“The move by Amazon to brutally cut commission rates for its affiliate marketing program as of today is nothing short of appalling,” said Cas Paton, founder of

“At, we don’t think it’s right that some categories will drop more than 50% overnight, especially when Amazon has given no reason for the drastic and punishing changes to its loyal affiliate network.

“E-commerce businesses like ours have never been more important and publishers, bloggers, and individuals deserve to be treated better by our industry than this. There are many reasons why we’re one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the world and one of those is that we’re not Amazon and would never choose to abandon our affiliate community in this way. 

“We know that businesses are built off the back of affiliate programs, bought and sold based on the performance of these networks, so to take away the programs of major retailers at the drop of a hat once again highlights the disconnect and disinterest that Amazon has over the negative impacts that other businesses go through when it makes this kind of reckless decisions. They did the same with fulfilment recently, hurting thousands of businesses, and it’s unforgivable,” Panton concluded.