Leaders in partnership automation, Impact, are hosting the webinar — Examples from the Emerging Partnership Automation Category — on April 30 at 2pm BST, providing practical insights that you can use to move beyond the traditional affiliate model and best utilise partnership automation for your business.

The 30 minute session will see speakers Florian Gramshammer (Managing Director, EMEA, Impact), Alina Zagaraite (European Partnership Manager, Lenovo) and David Vince (Partner Development Manager, Acceleration Partners) share practical case studies that demonstrate recruiting non-traditional partners, key processes that can be automated in your partnership programme, and the new opportunities that become available when automation is in place.


This European-focused session will showcase how successful partner automation can lead to high performance, saving you time in reporting, contracting, recruitment and attribution.

The Lenovo brand is a prime case with Alina, set to discuss and share valuable insights on how the technology company used the time saved to reinvest in the partner channel, through being more available to partners, finding additional exposure opportunities, and sourcing new partners and new partner types.

Meanwhile, David will also share case studies from Acceleration Partners, focusing on the new non-traditional partnerships that they have created and how they go about sourcing these opportunities in a practical and replicable fashion.

The webinar will also include a live Q&A session from the contributors.

Interested in growing beyond affiliates? Register now for the webinar and get the best out of your partnership automation.

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