A huge thank you to everyone for tuning into Tuesday’s (31st March) webinar with PerformanceIN and RedBrain on Driving Incremental Sales Through Shopping Ads on Google.

As part of this exclusive sessions, speakers from RedBrain, Google and Waterstones shared their insights, experiences and tips to help retailers drive incremental sales through the use of Google Shopping Ads.

Shopping ads on Google is described as the largest growth opportunity for most online retailers (searchengineland.com) with brands needing to invest resources into feed management and utilise format variations to ensure they appear in as many relevant queries as possible.

Rewatch Webinar

The session is available now in full via our YouTube Channel or above this article. Hit the play button to hear from Alastair Campbell, chief growth officer at RedBrain discuss 10 myths dispelled of CSS and Google Shopping for newcomers.

Meanwhile, Google’s Fredric Adnard, head of shopping ads via CSS and Anirudh Anand, CSS shopping specialist provided a wider scope of the CSS landscape and actionable insights for retail brands to drive more sales. Lastly, Chris Brown, director at Clockwork Affiliates (on behalf of Waterstones) demonstrated a case study of how Waterstones successfully implemented a CSS strategy, utilising Google Shopping Ads to achieve triple-digit revenue over a set period.

“It was lovely to see over 200 people dial into the webinar and some great questions were asked. Thank you PerformanceIN and Redbrain for being thought leaders and organising a webinar focused on education,” said Anirudh.

“If you are looking to drive incremental sales then experiment with the CSS partners you work with and at the same time use the attached best practice one-sheeter to maximise returns from your in-house campaigns. Keep your eyes open to new products and shopping strategies as your customers will continue to grow more curious, demanding and impatient with changing technology and trends.”

Rewatch the webinar here to get insights, experiences and tips to help you drive incremental sales through shopping ads on Google.