Conversational advertising agency Cavia has made a call for the ad tech industry to fight against the coronavirus pandemic through an initiative that makes its world-class engineering, data science, and product development teams available to supporting clients during this difficult time.

Outside of handling client requests and maintaining the world-class quality of service Cavai is known for, the firm’s full development team will work actively to support technical projects that focus on reducing the negative impacts of the coronavirus crisis. 

In addition, Cavai will encourage it’s technically skilled employees to actively participate in high-impact coronavirus projects.

“During this critical time in the history of the world, where billions of people are adversely affected by the pandemic, it’s an honor to be in the position to go out of our way and participate in high-impact voluntary work to help fight the virus,” said Steffen Svartberg, CEO of Cavai.

While many businesses are devastated by the global coronavirus outbreak, online advertising companies with uniquely valuable product offerings are likely to remain high in demand. It is now more important than ever, to challenge old models and embrace the new. 

There is already a call to the industry to commit to a future of advertising and that this has to be founded on respect for people, no better time to materialize it than now.

The Cavai team is calling for all advertising technology companies to contribute to the global challenge of their most valuable asset — people. In this difficult time, software engineers, data scientists, researchers, and other highly skilled professionals can help high-impact projects succeed in a way that would otherwise not be possible.

“It gives me joy to know I’m part of a company who is not just a leader in terms of innovation and the results we deliver to our clients, but also in the way we do our part for the well-being of others. We hope that this will encourage other companies to offer up their skilled and experienced teams to help where needed,” commented Mikko Kotila, Cavai CTO.